Serwis CVG opublikował coś, co może być jedną stroną scenariusza z nowej odsłony gry Syndicate, o której plotkujemy od dłuższego czasu. O fragmentach tekstu redakcja serwisu dowiedziała się z Twittera Superannuation. Musicie nam wybaczyć, ale zostawiamy ten fragment dokumentu w oryginalnej, angielskiej wersji językowej. Wielbiciele cyberpunkowych klimatów powinni jednak rzucić się na niego niczym piranie na świeże mięsko. Mamy tu sztuczną inteligencję, agentów, karabiny snajperskie. Zresztą przeczytajcie tekst sami i powiedzcie co o nim myślicie.

Confidential: Starbreeze/EA „DART” Interactive Project 1
TomK Casting 310-428-3078

DART 6 (Datascape Access and Re-Tool meldware)
Dart is an artificial intelligence built to be endlessly curious about her host human and to learn to love them over time. Out of the box, she doesn't really get this whole „feelings” dynamic that human brains run on, but she can do a good imitation of it on demand. She vacillates between cold calculation and catty commentary. She is speaking directly into the Kilo's ear. British R.P. Sound.

This is strictly a surveillance mission. Sniper gun functionality has been disabled until the need for it arises. Sorry, Kilo. Action denied.

Sensing the approach of military sniper squad.

Agent Kilo, I'm receiving proximity alerts. There's an unauthorized vehicle approaching the building from the air. A Gulf Partners AVE DE RAPIŃA transport craft appears and quickly descends towards a terrace on Lily's building.

DART_VO (warning)
You are weapons free, Kilo. Do what you do best. New mission objective: protect Lily Drawl from the enemy extraction. After tracing calls into Lily Drawl's apartment:

In case you're wondering… …caller was Symonne Beales, age 31, single. Executive Assistant, General Archive Management. Uptown girl, no priors, no monitoring. She's clean.

After Lily's boyfriend calls:

Well, he certainly wasn't uptown. That came in from outside. Incoming Asparě contact, maybe? I'll clean up the trace — see if I can get an origin code.

During an action sequence:

Reactive armour detected! Breach or headshot – Merit shoots him in the head with his sniper rifle taking his head clean off. As the trooper slumps down on the floor:

(crowing) (O.S.) Got you, motherf****r!

(sighs) Never mind.

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